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Essay Swapping?

Would anybody be interested in essay-swapping with me? I am a straight A student and all of my essays have been given top grades, so I would require the same, although I'm not opposed to doing some tweaking. In addition, all essays come with a works cited list unless otherwise noted.

I have, beneath the cut... 

A 1,400 word essay on Dragon Myth.

A 500+ word essay on Global Warming and my beliefs on it.

A small, 100+/- word essay on the 'Fifteen Stars and Stripes' version of the U.S. flag.

A 350+ word essay on my favorite author (J.R.R. Tolkien).  This essay does not come with a works cited list, but comes with a step-by-step process to essay writing, including outline, thesis statement, and introductory paragraph.

A 750+ word essay on the life of Pocahontas.

An 800+ word essay on the Declaration of Independence.

A 500+ word 'letter to the newspaper' essay, Was Thomas Jefferson a Hypocrite? Discuss.

An 800+ word 'article' essay, Training a Young Horse.

I will require assurance that those I give essays to will not redistribute them.  On that vein, I give my word to anyone who is willing to swap essays with me that I will never redistribute them.

If you are interested, please email me at, and please comment to this post in case your email goes to my spam folder.  If that is the case, I will contact you directly with a second email address.


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