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Thank you so so much in advance!

So after this, I'm more than willing to help others with homework. I'm particularly good at math, French, Spanish, some Portuguese, and politics. Maybe some lit too. FWIW, I'm a grad student.

So this is my assignment:
4000 words. Macroeconomic report on an emerging economy.
1) Choose a country (emerging economy). -- Al lof you ahve a country by now

2) Basic macro stats and outlook (inflation, GDP, unemployment, economic structure)

3) BoP outlook and stats including exchange rate.

4) Structure and strength of financial system.

5) Key macro policy challenges.

6) Place to invest?

My country is Chile, and I found this data:
I have started to write, and I'm pretty sure that report has all the answers I need, but good God this is hard. And I can e-mail what I have so far (not very much). Help?
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