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A place for homework help and trading homework.

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This community is made for anyone who either likes to do homework, doesn't like to do homework, or just wants help with their homework. The homework exchange is here to help with all of your homework problems. The purposes for this community are as follows:

*To provide a place for homework tutoring and help.
*To allow a place for someone to post their homework for others to do.
*To allow those who like to do homework the oppurtuinty to help others who don't.
*To allow trading of homework (i.e. You do their Math if they do your English, I do your History if you do my Science, etc.)
*To allow trading of homework for other goods, (homework for paid account time, homework for lj design, homework for icons, homework for music files, homework for money, etc.)

Guidlines for Posting (just to make it easier for everyone):
-If you are just looking for tutoring or help, state that in the subject line and add your problem and how much you do understand of it to the body of the post.
-Post in the subject line the type of homework (Math, Chemistry, History, etc.) and the grade level. For college students, indicate the course title in either form (such as "ENG 101" or "English 101", "MAT 151" or "College Algebra" ).
-Post assignments behind an lj-cut, and in the form that you need for turning in.
-Include any specific teachers instructions (i.e. It the teacher asks for a specific form for a paper, or to show work, etc.)
-Be sure to include the due date of the assignment.
-When doing someone else's homework, please use spellcheck and go over for grammar mistakes before returning it to them. Badly done homework is no favor at all. Be nice, someone's grade is at stake.

**Helpful hints for turning in homework done by other people**
~ READ OVER THE HOMEWORK BEFORE TURNING IT IN, you never know when the teacher will ask a question about the homework.
~ There are no guarantees that your homework will be 100% correct. If it is possible, have someone go over your homework to make sure it is right.
~ If you are unsure how someone did something on your homework, ask them. If the teacher asks you about it, you want to be prepared to answer correctly.


1. Do NOT purposefully fail someone elses homework. They come here for help, not to be made a fool out of. If you are caught doing wrong work for someone, you will be banned from the community.

2. Please do not come here if you are only going to comment on the ethics of doing other peoples homework. Yes, we are fully aware this is considered cheating, we don't care. If you care about the ethics of the situation, this community is not for you. All negative posts and comments will be deleted.

3. Use spellcheck and pay attention to grammar when doing other's homework.

4. Always double-check your answers!!

5. Please don't post an assignment just to post it. If you wrote a great essay on Alexander the Great, great! Hold onto it until someone in the community asks for that kind of help. This community is to help with homework questions, not to volunteer unneeded information.

Please take the banner and post it where you see fit. The more members the more homework help!
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